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The following is a list of some of the projects completed by Furman Land Surveyors, Inc. in recent years. This list is only a portion of the projects completed by Furman Land Surveyors, Inc. and their personnel.

• GPS projects
Hastings Avenue Right-of-way for the City of Amarillo - entailed establishing R.O.W. from Broadway to Grand Street. Approximately 3 miles.
Buffalo Ridge Unit No. 1 - A 300 acre suburban subdivision in Potter County
City of Cactus WWTP - Control Survey for Treatment Plant projects
Eastland Addition to the City of Dumas - boundary survey, topographic survey, City Addition Platting and construction staking

• Topographic Surveying and Construction projects
River Road High School - Water Line Extension - Easement Acquisitions
Dumas Independent School District - City Addition Plat on new Intermediate School and topographic survey on 3 additional school sites
Canadian Independent School District - Laser Scan of football field for design survey
Amarillo International Airport - layout Runway 22 ILS/MALSR installation and Runway 04 Localizer Antennae Replacement
Perryton Airport - Topographic survey for runway extension
Bushland Independent School District - Construction staking of nine miles of sewer main.
Bushland Independent School District - Topographic survey of Elementary and Middle Schools for school expansion
Pantex - Weapons Evaluation and Testing Laboratory

• GIS and Mapping Projects
Amarillo Garden Center - entailed detailed mapping of all surface features including trees, plants, signs, etc. Survey also included boundary work and topographic information.
Grand Street Extension project - Preliminary Right-of-Way mapping from Farmers Avenue to the Claude Highway.
Ground Penetrating Radar at Georgia Street and Wolflin Avenue to locate possible underground fuel storage tanks

• Boundary Surveys
Xcel Energy- title and boundary survey of existing improvements in Herford Texas
20,000+/- acre ranch in Moore County, Texas
2,900+/- acre ranch along Palo Duro Canyon State Park
3,800+/- acre ranch in Armstrong County, Texas
9,450+/- acre ranch on the Canadian River in Potter County, Texas
8,300+/- acre ranch in Sherman County, Texas

• Easements
Xcel Energy- Easement in Roberts County for above ground power lines
City of Amarillo - Drainage and construction easements on Georgia Street from 58th Street to Farmers Avenue